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Dear reader,

During the last four years we have advanced in our knowledge of the impacts of structural policies on health inequalities. The multidisplinary team that conforms SOPHIE has published around 60 peer-reviewed articles (and more to come!). That is a great achievement in the academic field, but also, SOPHIE researchers have been actively working in the public communication of our research. We have produced two videos to share our results and conclusions to a wide audience, and also, we have published different articles in newspapers and blogs to disseminate the project. Please, check our Conclusions Section

Our results, conclusions and policy recommendations of the different workpackages have been summarized in a Conclusions Booklet pdf, which you are very welcome to read, share, and comment! Do not hesitate to download. It is a brief and reader-friendly document.


In this occasion we will not present hard evidence or novel methodologies. Please, let us share with you some pictures of our partners and meetings as an acknowledgement of the efforts and energies that the project has involved:

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Carme Borrell

Carme Borrell, Barcelona

"While recession can affect health, what matters is the policy response"

Davide Malmusi

Davide Malmusi, Barcelona

"Now the challenge is to use the findings to foster change"

Carme Borrell has been SOPHIE Principal Investigator.

"When we speak on the impact on health outcomes of economic recession, I would say that there is not a unique answer: the impacts depend on the health outcome and on the group of population studied"

Read the full interview here

Davide Malmusi has been SOPHIE Project Manager.

"All [scientific] approaches are valid and contribute to the common objectives"

Read the full interview here

Readings Readings
Anytime, you can read our published articles, reports and PhD dissertations performed within the SOPHIE project in this section. Moreover, we keep up to date our list of communications in scientific conferences, which includes our presentations in Open Access.

Although it will be less active, through our Twitter account @sophieproject we will update regularly SOPHIE related contents.

And again, we encourage you to get all the conclusions documents from this webpage

This is our last newsletter. It has been a pleasure to keep in contact with you. Do not hesitate to be in touch through twitter, email and google plus.

All best,


P.S.: Our last (but not least) suggestion! Please have a look at our last video: "Access to housing and health":

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