Universidad del País Vasco

Universidad del Pais Vasco

The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is a teaching and research institution officially founded in 1985. It has been recently recognised as an International Excellence Research Campus by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Since the first Research Framework Programmes, the UPV/EHU has been very active and has participated in many collaborative projects and Marie Curie actions. With regards to the 7th Framework Programme, during the period 2007-2013, the University of the Basque Country participates in 94 projects, coordinating 22 of them and is the beneficiary 5 ERC Grants, accounting with more than 30 million euro of FP7 financing and more than 3 million euro of other European or International Programmes.


Tasks in SOPHIE

UPV/EHU staff joined SOPHIE in 2014 and participated in WP 1, collaborating in reviews of the health equity impact of macro-economic factors and policies.



UPV/EHU principal investigator for SOPHIE was Amaia Bacigalupe, in collaboration with Unai Martín.


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