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SOPHIE generates evidence on how to reduce health inequalities


ASPB researchers present main findings and conclusions on SOPHIE in a workshop in Barcelona on February 16th, 2016.

Implementing policies such as Neighbourhood Law in Catalonia, Energy efficiency retrofitting or social care public services produce population health improvements that also reduce social gap.

Up to now, have been published 53 scientific articles have been published and three videos broadcasted online to disseminate the main results.

PDF available in: castellano · català

Gender inequalities in health: a matter of policies


Gender inequalities in health vary in European countries according to their family policies model. Countries with traditional policies (Central and Southern Europe) and contradictory policies (Eastern Europe), present higher inequalities in self-perceived health.

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Urban renewal improves the health of neighbours in Barcelona


The Neighbourhoods Law by the Government of Catalonia (2004-2011) improved the wellbeing of the residents from intervened neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

Researchers have demonstrated a positive health effect of this urban renewal plan on women and men, especially those from manual social classes.

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Is the combination of work and family bad for health? Depends on where you live


Researchers have studied the connection between family and health policy models in the 27 countries of the European Union.

In the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe, which have good family care public services, men and women with a job and family responsibilities don't see their health affected.

In continental countries and Southern Europe, the combination of employment and family loads is bad for the health of men and women.

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Mental health of Spanish men worsened with the crisis


A research detected a 15% increase of men with symptoms of anxiety and depression in the last Spanish National Health Survey (2012) compared with 2006.

The increase is concentrated in middle-aged and lower socioeconomic status men, and is consistent with the rise in unemployment.

Women with poor mental health decreased by 8% but still are more than men.

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Precarious housing affects people's health and may lead to social exclusion


2 out of 3 persons attended at Càritas Barcelona suffer situations of anxiety and depression due to the living conditions they experience.

Read the full release at the Càritas Barcelona website. castellano · català

An European research project will assess the impact of social and economic policies on health inequalities


Europe will assess the impact of social and economic policies on health inequalities through the SOPHIE project. Researchers from nine European countries will meet in Barcelona on 27 and 28 September in order to discuss and refine their plans for review and evaluation.

PDF available in: english · castellano · català


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