Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona

Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona

Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona (ASPB) is the public health provider responsible for public health in Barcelona. ASPB monitors population health status and determinants, develops and implements public health policies and acts as health authority. It also has a large experience in research, with more than 90 articles published yearly in indexed journals, and more than 40 active projects.

ASPB has agreements with Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).


Tasks in SOPHIE

ASPB staff have coordinated the whole SOPHIE project, leading Work Package 8 (Coordination and evaluation), WP9 (Dissemination) and WP5 (Cross-cutting evaluation of policy impacts on gender and migration-related health inequalities). It has also participated in other work packages, especially WP3 (Labour market) and 4 (Built environment and Housing) through scientific support and providing case studies.



ASPB principal investigator for SOPHIE was Carme Borrell, who was also the Project Coordinator.

Other researchers involved were Davide Malmusi, Lucía Artazcoz, Imma Cortès, Glòria Pérez, Xavier Bartoll, Maica Rodríguez-Sanz, Ana M. Novoa, LLuís Camprubí, Marc Marídell'Olmo, Laia Palència, Roshanak Mehdipanah, Esther Sánchez , Vanessa Puig-Barrachina, Mercè Gotsens, Andrés Peralta, Hugo Vásquez, María Salvador, Sara Trujillo-Alemán, Julia Ward, Jordi Amat, Marina Bosque-Prous, Albert Espelt, Esther Marín, and Maria del Mar García Calvente (Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública) as external collaborator.


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