Community and Health Research Network (CoHeReNT)

Community and Health Research Network (CoHeReNT)

The Community and Health Research Network CoHeReNT was established within the Health psychology department - Institute of Public Health at the Medical Faculty of the P.J. Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia, in order to cover the increasingly wider cooperation with experts from different institutions, to enable flexible responses to the research needs and at the same time ensure easy identification of members of this research network. CoHeReNT comprises of a group of experts that focus on various social aspects of health. It covers variety of projects related to quality of life and risk behaviours of school-aged children, youth and adults, social and socio-economic determinants of health as well as broad research of vulnerable groups.


Tasks in SOPHIE

CoHeReNT staff were responsible for Work Package 7 (Cross-cutting approaches for fostering change: participation, knowledge transfer, agenda setting). They have also participated in country case studies on welfare and employment, and in planning and delivery of dissemination activities (WP9).



CoHeReNT principal investigators for SOPHIE were Andrea Madarasová Gecková and Lucia Bosáková. Other researchers involved were Andrej Belak, Zuzana Dankulincová, Radka Ghorbani Saeedian and Jaroslava Kopcaková.


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