Charles University in Prague

Charles University in Prague

The Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague (CUNI) was established in 1920. The main mission of the Department of social geography and regional development is to create highly qualified experts in social geography. The research in the department concentrates on key problems associated with the development of human society. The main long-term priorities are social and demographic inequalities in health, health of migrants, the studies of the urban development and the predictions of the urban development in the Czech Republic. The department collaborates with several institutions both within Europe and in the United States.


Tasks in SOPHIE

CUNI staff participated in several Work Packages, mainly by contributing with relevant case studies (WP 4 and 5), data and experiences from Eastern Europe.



CUNI principal investigator for SOPHIE was Dagmar Dzúrová. Other researchers involved were Dušan Drbohlav and Jana Spilkova, as well as researchers from the multidisciplinary teams GeoQol and GEOMIGRACE.


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