Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona

Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona

Càritas Diocesana de Barcelona (CDB) is an entity of the Catholic Church which is intended to promote, guide and coordinate social and charitable action of the Barcelona, Sant Feliu and Terrassa Dioceses. It has the purpose of helping human promotion and the integral development of people, raise awareness of the society and promote social justice. It is a not-for-profit entity and its funding is primarily private. Caritas is composed of volunteers and professionals, and accompanies the most disadvantaged social sectors with the triple mission of denounce, announce and transform. It has produced relevant reports on, among others, the links between poverty, housing problems and health.


Tasks in SOPHIE

CDB staff has mainly collaborated in the Work Package 4 (Built environment and housing policies in the local context) through scientific support especially related with housing policies, and providing case studies. CDB has also contributed to the involvement of vulnerable populations in research and dissemination activities of several other Work Packages.



CDB principal investigator for SOPHIE was Carme Trilla. Other researchers involved were Fernando Díaz and Mercè Darnell.


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