Greds-Emconet UPF

Greds-Emconet UPF

In 1990, the Catalonian Parliament created a new public university, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) inspired by the principles of freedom, democracy, justice, equality, independence and plurality. Despite its youth and size, UPF has scored high in the main international rankings as a university of excellence.

The Health Inequalities Research Group - Employment Conditions Network (GREDS-EMCONET) is a research group at UPF. The main mission of GREDS-EMCONET is to generate scientific information and transfer knowledge to civil society in the area of health inequalities. GREDS-EMCONET has long experience in the study of how employment and working conditions affect health inequalities, focusing on the social origin and production of these inequalities as well as the political action necessary to tackle them.


Tasks in SOPHIE

UPF staff was responsible of Work Package 3 (Labour market and employment related policies) and collaborated with realist reviews and country case studies of WP 2 and 7. They were also extensively involved in the tasks related with housing policies in WP4.



UPF principal investigator for SOPHIE was Joan Benach. Other researchers involved were Gemma Tarafa, Alejandra Vives, Mireia Julià, Marisol E. Ruiz, Montse Vergara-Duarte, María Menéndez-Fuster, Alejandra Vives, Jordi Bosch and Laia Ollé.


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