Centre for Research on Inner City Health

Centre for Research on Inner City Health

St Michael's Hospital (SMH) works as an healthcare provider, a medical education centre, and a research centre. Located at and ascribed to SMH, The Centre for Research on Inner City Health (CRICH) ( is fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and is recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for inner city health research. It is the first research centre of its kind in Canada whose mission is to improve the health of urban populations through a program of policy relevant research. CRICH was established in 1998 and currently has 20 research scientists, 3 scientific research chairs, and a staff of more than 100 research coordinators, programmers, technicians and research associates.


Tasks in SOPHIE

CRICH-SMH staff were responsible of Work Package 2 (Welfare and social protection regimes and policies).
They also collaborated with other WPs, especially training European partners on innovative methodologies, such as realist review, concept mapping and explanatory case studies.



CRICH-SMH principal investigator for SOPHIE was Patricia O'Campo. She was co-leading WP2 with Carles Muntaner. Other researchers involved were Faraz Vahid Shahidi, Christiane Mitchell, Alix Freiler, Edwin Ng and Agnes Molnar.


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