Università di Torino

Università di Torino

Università di Torino (UNITO) is one of the most ancient, prestigious and large Italian Universities. The staff involved in SOPHIE is based at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences and has expertise in monitoring of social inequalities in health and healthcare pathways, in the implementation and evaluation of equity audit models, and in equity oriented Health Technology Assessment. It also overlooks the activities of the ASL TO3 Epidemiology Unit ("Struttura Complessa a Direzione Universitaria Servizio Soprazonale di Epidemiologia") of Piedmont Region, which works as national referral centre for the WHO Health in All Policies program.


Tasks in SOPHIE

UNITO staff, in collaboration with ASL TO3 Epidemiology Unit, were leading Work Package 4 (Built environment and housing policies in the local context) and also helped in the development of country case studies.



UNITO principal investigator for SOPHIE was Giuseppe Costa, in collaboration with Elena Gelormino.


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