"How does policy get under the skin?"

**UPDATE post-event: Summary of the 3-day seminar: Storify with links to the presentations**

Employment conditions, austerity and equality policies as determinants of health inequalities in Europe

July event posterBarcelona, UPF (Campus Ciutadella, Edifici Ramón Turró), 1-3 July 2015

In this event, we will present and discuss the findings of SOPHIE in some of the thematic areas covered by the project: macroeconomics (economic cycles, austerity policies), social protection (unemployment benefits, family policies), labour market policies and employment relations, gender equity and immigrant integration.

Programme outline (Full programme)

Wednesday, July 1

9:00-9:30       Overview of the project

9:30-10:45     Gender policies

11:15-13:30   Economic crisis and austerity policies

15:00-16:30   Immigration policies

Thursday, July 2

15:00-16:20   Employment quality and precariousness

16:40-18:00   Informal employment and unemployment

Friday, July 3

10:00-11:20   Gender and the labour market

11:40-13:15   The impact of labour market policies

15:30-17:00   Closing debate

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